Burlington Farm follows in the footsteps of the legendary Los Alamos Dressage Center. Los Alamos, which occupied these facilities for almost thirty years, has moved to Ojai, California. In it's place, Burlington Farm continues on with the tradition and spirit of it's predecessor by providing training and instruction in classical dressage.

Dressage is a French word that means "training". It refers to the gymnastic training of a horse based on the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse.

Bo Jenå - Director of Dressage at the Flyinge National Stud in Sweden

Dressage originated in ancient Greece in about 500 B.C. with Xenophon and was developed throughout the world primarily in the cavalries, which needed horses able to carry weight in an effective and relaxed manner and, at the same time, be willing and able mounts in times of war.

The results of dressage training are reflected when horses become calm, supple, loose and flexible and also confident, attentive and keen, thus achieving perfect understanding with the rider. When a horse reaches this level, the horse gives the impression of doing of his/her own accord what is required by the rider.

Wellington Of L.A.

Because dressage is a progressive method of training, in competition it is divided into levels. Therefore younger horses with less training as well as older, more advanced horses, compete between themselves.

Like figure skating competition, dressage horses perform prescribed tests, similar to compulsory movements done in figure skating. They may also perform "free style" which is set to music and which allows artistic interpretation together with certain required movements appropriate to the level of competition.


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